• Lynnette Andersen

Winter Pedicure? Why?

When people think of a pedicure, they tend to visualize pretty toes. While polished toes are a nice touch, a pedicure Boise treatment is much more than that. While we have adopted the standard idea that a pedicure is only needed during the summer, the truth is it’s better to maintain your pedicure Boise treatments during the winter months. Why? Simply put, a pedicure does many things for our health and peace of mind.  

When we take the time to relax and have our feet and lower legs worked on during a pedicure Boise treatment, we are unknowingly releasing feel-good endorphins that stimulate relaxation. This stress reducing treatment of receiving a pampering service helps us to let go of the stress that dominates our lives. Before our treatment even begins, we feel more relaxed and less stressed by the minute.


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