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Why a winter facial?

Now is the perfect time to sneak off to a day spa or beauty salon for a pre-winter facial. A facial can help to counteract the effects of winter in three ways: by exfoliating, by providing deep cleansing, and by restoring moisture and hydration.


Dry skin can mean that dead skin cells don’t fall away as quickly as they should and when they build up they can leave your skin rough as well as contribute towards clogged pores. Exfoliating will stimulate your skin’s natural renewal process as well as remove the dead cells.

Exfoliation can be performed using either a mechanical or a chemical exfoliant and your skin esthetician will discuss the best option for you depending on your skin condition and type.

Mechanical exfoliants work by rubbing away dead skin cells using a slightly abrasive facial scrub or cream cleanser. Chemical exfoliants on the other hand use enzymes or acids to ‘unglue’ the bonds between skin cells allowing them to fall away. An enzyme treatment is often offered during a facial steam while chemical peels can be a standalone treatment or included as part of the facial.

Deep Cleansing

During winter dead skin cells can accumulate and clog pores leading to blemishes. Daily cleansing will help to remove make up and grime, however a deep-cleanse can target specific problems such as breakouts, dehydration, and fine lines.

Deep pore cleansing can include steam, extractions, facial massage and facial mask.


The final step of your facial will be the application of a moisturiser and sun cream. During winter most of us will need to ‘up the anti’ on moisturizing and it’s worth taking this opportunity to get some advice from your esthetician about a daily moisturizer that’s suitable for both your skin and the colder months ahead.

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