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In order to move and build muscle, you need water. Without enough water, your muscles are not getting enough electrolytes. Muscle strength and control are weakened. Muscles are 70% water. Fat is only 25% water. By drinking water, you add muscle weight, allowing the muscle to work more efficiently, which in turn burns fat.

Drinking a lot of water increases fat loss. Keytones, a natural byproduct of fat burning, are flushed out of the body through urine. Drinking water helps to flush them out, thereby improving the fat burning process. If you’re not getting enough water, your body will not be metabolizing fat and digesting food as efficiently, your heart may be overworked, and on a hot day, there is danger of heat stroke.

Some of you will insist that water is bland and boring, and that you can’t possibly drink 8 or more glasses per day, or that you’re too busy to drink water, running to the bathroom is a waste of time or it’s inconvenient. However you view water, once you realize how essential it is to losing weight, building muscle, and keeping healthy you will definitely take every chance you have to drink more of it, so raise your glass… cheers! To your health!

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