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Two categories of waxing

It is not just the brows and lips any more. Society has taken it to head to toe waxing!

There are so many different techniques out there now that your head can spin and feel like a tornado! At least mine did! As a licensed Esthetician it is my job to be informed and educated to give you the best of the best. Again, my motto is Hollywood million dollar day spa! So here we go on the waxing.

The fun of waxing is that there are so many different types brands of wax and different techniques that go with that type of wax. There is a brand out there called Satin Smooth that adds crystal and essential oils to their wax to create a more luxurious effect to the waxing experience. It is not just a wax any more it is so much more then that now.

The two different types of wax are the strip wax (also known as soft wax), which you use a wax strip to remove the product (as shown in the picture above). The other type is stripless (also known as flick or hard wax). Stripless wax hardens as it cools wrapping it is around the hair. As it is removed off of the body it takes the hair with it.

So what sets the two apart is the difference in removal. The difference in the two is the removal of hair type and the areas it us used on. Strip wax you use on larger areas of the body such as legs and arms. Hard wax is meant for smaller areas of the body such as the brows and more sensitive areas such as the bikini area. The other benefits of stripless wax is that you can use it on clients who have sensitive skin.

Strip waxing (soft wax) is a faster waxing product (get in and get out), for the reason that you do not have to wait for it to cool (set up). You apply it with a wood stick, take a waxing strip, rub it and remove it. With that being said you can speed wax. Some practitioners use soft wax first then go over an area, if the hair is stubborn go for a second time with the stripless wax.

Stripless wax is applied on the body, when it is cooled or set you flick a corner and remove. It is a slower process compared to the strip wax. Some clients prefer the hard wax over the strip wax on larger areas of the body such as legs.

Now you know the difference in the 2 types of waxes available for waxing services in spa's and salons. The next blog to come is going to cover the benefits of waxing services.

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