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Maintaining The Hollywood Airbrush Tan

Now that we have covered what to expect in my earlier post and how to come in for your session prepared. Now how do we maintain the million dollar Hollywood tan. That sun kissed look is easy to achieve. The airbrush tan will last for four day then the fifth day it will start to fade. Norvell's product do not give you a blotchy fade. Which is one of the biggest reasons I love their line.

After you come in for your airbrush tanning I have a shower gel that will help you maintain your tan. There is a just enough DHA to help keep the tan keep going. While getting you clean.

On the 3rd day post session apply Norvell's mouse or cream. These products have enough DHA to help make the tan last few more days. They do not have as much DHA as the products that I spray in my spa.

LOVE YOUR LOTION! Keep your skin hydrated! The less dry your skin is the longer your tan will last. That is one of the biggest secrets. If you use the lotions with DHA it will last longer.

I did not mention a specific product in this blog. For a few reasons. Depending on the client's wants and needs I may need to recommend a different product. But no matter what the need is I have you covered. We just have to get the right one to meet your needs. If I do not have it I can get it.

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