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It is SUMMER so...Get Your Tan On

Spay tanning is on the rise faster then ever! For many reasons. The biggest one is that it is safer then tanning beds or lying out in the baking sun. Not to mention with skin cancer on the rise. With an airbrush tan (aka spray tan) you are in and out in 15 minutes with a tan for that special occasion or just because you want that instant feel good!

This week I am going to touch on some main topics with airbrush tanning.

For starters I am going to chat about how this amazing system works, how to maximize your tan to get the best bang for your buck, to how to get it to last and maintain it. I am going to touch upon the product line I carry and the of history on it.

So lets get started with the first post of the week! Why I call it Airbrush Tanning instead of Spray Tanning. Spray Tanning is used in a lot of salons and tanning facilities as a blanket title. People offer spray tanning products, booth spraying and airbrush spraying and call themselves a spray tan facility. My technique is airbrush spraying. I use an airbrush gun like in the picture above. The booths in my personal opinion are not personal and often times do not spray evenly or give you full coverage. SO with that being said why spend your money and possibly not get your bang for your dollar?

I have done my homework and tried different products and techniques. For the reason that I want to offer the best to you. The clients that walk in my door deserve only the best. I took the risk with trying other products that may not create an even look and possibly turning my skin orange. It was worth the risk. The one product that I feel in love with is Norvell. Their motto is to give you a natural off the beach look. They offer many different blends of tanning solutions and different levels of darkness. From blends that give you a tan look as soon as you walk out the door (the product works in 24 hours) to the blend that you can put your work dress suit on as soon as you are done getting sprayed and off to work you go in your work suit. Now who else can say that? Norvell has also been around since 1983. They are the veterans of the industry and family owned. That speaks volumes to a small business owner as myself. After doing my research on the company and trying it out myself, I could not resist getting certified in spraying their product and carrying the line to offer it to you!

Now why is airbrush tanning so amazing other then the fact you have a bronzed look in 15 minutes? For starters I spray with an airbrush gun to give you an even look and work with different body types vrs. you just standing there in booth. A booth dose not make sure that you are evenly sprayed or full body coverage. It is just an impersonal machine. It does not ask you if you have prepped your body or which blend would be best for you. To me you take the time to come in. SO why risk not getting every inch of your body sprayed. OR say that you did not want your face sprayed. Can you tell a machine that?

Yes, I do love offering airbrush tanning and I am so happy to finally after 7 years be able to offer it to clients. It truly is a fun service to offer. Norvell is a great company to be able to spray and sell their products. In the post to come I am going to chat about the prep work and the process that the solution goes through to get you that bronzed Hollywood tan that everyone loves and craves.


The Hollywood look is right here in Blair Nebraska at Niche Spa+Airbrush Tanning!

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