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Experience A New Type Of Pedicure

Waterless pedicure offers nearly the same kind of benefits to a customer as does a wet pedicure, except that it does not include water swishing about in a tub. This may be unsettling for many, to whom the whole concept of dunking the tired, dirty feet in warm, bubbling water is an idea of heaven. It is relatively new in salons and guarantees a reduced risk of infection while getting the same basics in a regular pedicure service.

The dry pedicure is literally as it sounds, a waterless foot care service. Rather than soaking your feet in a bubbling tub of water, I use warm towels to remove the scrub and mask during the pedicure service. You will still get the nail service of trimming, filing the nail's as well as the cuticle treatment and callus work. The toenails get polished as well.

Here are the health reason's

  • More Sanitary

  • Safe for diabetics

  • Easier on the cuticles

Foot spa technology has evolved to help prevent infections, but a waterless pedicure is hands down safer. The main benefit of a waterless pedicure at the salon is the fact that you won’t be using a foot spa, which can retain certain bacteria when not cleaned correctly.

The no water pedicure procedure can easily be altered to fit your wishes and needs. My dry pedicure is a whole different experience from the jet tub. So the question is why have you not experienced this type of pedicure service hitting the industry? Now is the time for you to broaden your horizon's.

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