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Do you know how to relax?

It always amazes me of how many people come to visit me and do not know how to let go and just physically be present and let the mind relax. Do not get me wrong it makes me feel very good when people leave a visit feeling refreshed and relaxed. Lets me know that I have I have given them something back that they did not know that they had lost.

But it is not just the visit that I want clients to have the opportunity to practice relaxing. Here are a few tricks to help you relax outside of my space.

1) Relax your body

Calm your self, get comfortable in a chair or couch!


Shut it down! Social media is not a place that is calm! Your emails will be there later! Trust me!

3) Close your eyes and let the mind be still! This is something that is not learned in 2 minutes. The tasks will be there in 5 minutes. The dishes can wait, the kids will not kill each other! You will not fall apart! I promise!

4) Have you ever made a HAPPY LIST? We always make lists of to do or things that make us uneasy or unhappy. Switch it up and make a happy list. Even if it is only 3 things!

5) Take a happy walk. Even if it is just down the block and back! Take a few nice relaxing joyful breathes.

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