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Day of airbrush tanning!

The day of your airbrush session comes with a few simple rules! They are easy and simple. By following these simple rules this will give you a million dollar Hollywood tan with banging results.

First thing is first! Now that we have the skin prepped with the dead skin sluft off, we are ready! Now we need a clean surface. I like to say have your skin naked of products. For an example clean of all the deodorant, no perfume and make up! These daily products we use can create a barrier. With a barrier the DHA can not fully absorb into the skin. Which could leave you with an uneven tan. OR, worse case yet leave you with a chemical reaction. For an example of a chemical reaction, deodorant could cause your underarms to turn green.

Second rule.... Either wear or come with lose clothes to change into for post spray. Even down to the shoes to come with. Flip flops can rub your tan off. The underwear you wear needs to be lose! You do not want the DHA to absorb into your clothes and not you! So the loser the better for post tan!

Third and most import rule! You want to wait a full 24 hours to shower. If you shower before the 24 hours the DHA will not have been able to fully process and do it's tinting job. It needs time to fully absorb into the skin and do the process. DHA works after hour 11 and depending on your chemical make up could work for another 10 hours before fully processed.

Now that we have covered a few simple rules of what to expect and why. Airbrush tanning is really quiet simple and easy to achieve that million dollar Hollywood tan. Follow these few simple rules and you will succeed in achieving that look.

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