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Brazilian waxing

Whether you're planning an intimate weekend getaway or you want to lay out at a nude beach, you can get a Brazilian wax before you go on your trip to remove hair from your genital area.

Although often confused with bikini waxes, which remove hair from your pelvic area and rear, Brazilian waxes are services that remove ALL of the hair around the very sensitive skin of the inner labia and anus (if you wish).

Brazilian waxing, popularized by the HBO TV series "Sex and The City," has far outstripped the old-fashioned bikini wax.

Removing hair has many benefits and several disadvantages, but deciding whether or not to get one really comes down to your personal aesthetics and preferences. Waxing promotes skin health by exfoliating the area, provides longer-lasting results than shaving, and makes hair grow back softer, finer, and sparser with minimal irritation. Also, helps with ingrown hairs.

Preparing for a Brazilian Wax

When it comes to booking your first appointment for a Brazilian wax, there are a few things you can do to help you prepare, but most importantly you should be aware that it is a relatively painful and invasive process the first wax. Next session if you stay on schedule will be less painful.

As a result, if you are sensitive to pain, it might help to take a pain reliever like aspirin or ibuprofen a half-hour before your appointment.

If you've had a urinary tract infection recently, it's best to avoid further irritating the area, and you should avoid getting a Brazilian wax four days before and after your menstrual cycle. The process should also be avoided if you have breakouts or healing wounds near your genital region as the wax can reopen cuts and abrasions.

The Process and Aftercare of Brazilian Waxing

The best way to prepare is to know what's involved in the process of getting a Brazilian wax. First, a licensed professional put on gloves and ask you to disrobe. Once you're comfortable, they will take a fresh stick, dip it a pot of special heated wax, and apply a thin layer to your skin in the direction of the hair growth.  

Next, the esthetician presses a strip of paper or cloth over the wax, pats it a few times, and then quickly pulls it off. The "pull" will likely be parallel to the body to minimize pain as pulling straight up is much more painful. The hair, which will mostly be stuck to the wax, will then be pulled out by the roots. The esthetician will then press on the area a few times to soothe the skin before proceeding to the next area.  

Skin in the genital area, especially inside the labia, is extremely sensitive. A Brazilian wax can be painful, so the skill of the waxer is extremely important.

After you're all done, I will use oils to get the tax off the skin so you do not feel sticky and aloe to sooth the skin after the waxing.

Two days afterward, though, you want to use a product like Tend skin to help prevent in-grown hairs. Waxing will help with ingrown hairs. Finally, avoid the sun and tanning beds for two days after the process as the skin has lost some of its protection and is more sensitive to UV rays. You will burn in the waxed area.

If you have any questions, even if you feel they are silly or off the wall please ask. I'd rather you ask then assume.

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